What We Offer

At The Cyber Image, our speciality could be summed up in one word:   Databases.    We thrive on developing cutting edge solutions for our clients.   From converting existing MS Access based databases into an online invoicing software to developing a complete quoting and client management desktop software, we provide solutions that are mission critical for our clients.

We would be happy to quote your project and develop a package that fits your needs and budgets.   During our interview phase, we try and put ourselves in your shoes and fully understand how you and your employees are going to use our software.   We'll ask numerous questions, and offer suggestions on how to stream-line the process.   We'll ask not only what you'll be using the software for when you take delivery of it, we'll ask where you're going as a company.   We feel this is key to ensuring that your software is flexible and expandable without having to do major re-writes down the road.

Most importantly, YOU own the software.   There are no per-seat licenses.   There are no long-term or maintenance contracts.   We even offer the option for you to resell the software to other clients (this is OPTIONAL, and depends on the license arrangement and how the project is developed -- ask for details)

We also offer web design, at afforable prices.   From simple websites, to complex database-driven with payment modules, we offer solutions for most needs.  We can integrate our database offerings into existing websites, add simple yet powerful content management software, or simply update your existing content.

Please give us a call and let us help talor a solution to your needs.



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