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Custom Software

We custom build our software to your needs.  Whether it is an on-going project that requires occasional attention, or a quick application needed for your phone, we can build it for you.   When the project is complete -- YOU own the software.   There are no per-seat licenses.   There are no long-term or maintenance contracts.   We even offer the option for you to resell the software to others (this is OPTIONAL, and depends on the license arrangement and how the project is developed -- ask for details).

We would be happy to quote your project and develop a package that fits your needs and budgets.  Please contact us for an estimate.

Some possible options:

  • Multi-platform -- We can design the software to run on Windows, Mac, even Linux.
  • Database Support -- We can support multiple SQL backends, depending on your environment.  We've worked extensively with PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and even Cassandra.
  • Local or Cloud Based -- We can store documents, data, clients on your local server or upload items to a central cloud-based location.
  • Custom Phone App -- We can create a phone app (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry) that ties into your central database to users in the field. 
  • Web Based Access -- Since your application is database driven, there's no reason we can't design a web interface for your remote users.   Offer them full or partial access to your application from the road!
  • Payment Processors -- Tie your software into a payment processor
  • FTP / SFTP file transfer -- Upload / Download files from a remote server.
  • Invoice / Document Creation -- We can load your invoice or document(s) and then overlay information from the database on-the-fly.
  • Existing Data -- In most cases we can import your existing data into your custom application.
  • User Logging / Auditing -- We can log all access to your application, allowing for easy auditing of users
  • Document Archiving -- Scan and attach your document to a client for future reference.

Contact Us

Phone:  (623) 937-4555
Fax:  (623) 635-1018